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Victoria University Strategic Framework Implementation Plan

Victoria University in the University of Toronto launched its five-year Strategic Framework in 2021.

The framework is anchored in four central themes that will guide our programming and operations as we serve close to 4,000 students on our campus.

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Implementation plans that support Victoria University’s five-year Strategic Framework will be posted annually so that our community can see how we are fulfilling the commitments made in our plan. Implementation plans are reviewed by the Board of Regents.

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A Strong, Inclusive Community
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An Inspiring Sense of Place
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Outstanding Academic Offerings
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Signature Learning Experiences
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Operational Readiness

Supporting Organizational Needs

2022-23 Implementation Plan (year 2)



What is Victoria University doing to reinforce a strong, inclusive community?
Increase EDIA funding, resources, and programming for students.
Broaden collaboration with community agencies serving priority groups including high-school students from low socio-economic backgrounds.
✓ Expanded relationship with Success Beyond Limits, serving Jane-Finch neighborhood.

✓ Engaged Icon Talent Partners, a not-for-profit talent development organization focused on young professionals who identify as visible minorities, to explore internship pathways for Vic Ready students.

✓ Collaborated with Black North Initiative to develop an access program for under-represented scholars in STEM including Black and Indigenous students and currently pursuing funding opportunities.
Continue to enhance diversity and inclusion in Victoria College academic programs.
✓ Launched “Diversity and Inclusion in the Victoria College Curriculum” working group with students, faculty, and staff in January 2023.
Increased promotion and storytelling about impact of Opportunity Awards.
✓ Higher visibility on website, social media, and e-newsletters.

✓ Liaised with UofT Student Recruitment and Faculty of Arts and Science, community groups to raise awareness of Opportunity Awards
Increase International Experiential Learning funding and opportunities for underrepresented students.
✓ Vic Global program launched September 2022; 60 students supported by summer 2023, especially low-income and Indigenous students and students with disabilities.
Launch of Presidential Intercultural Initiatives Program
✓ Earmarked $25K to support new intercultural initiatives organized by staff, librarians, and faculty to support staff and/or students.
Introduce EDIA and Anti-Black Racism training for all appointed employees.
✓ Phase 1 – Launched training in January 2023 to full-time employees.
✓ Phase 2 – Embedding training in onboarding of new hires is ongoing.
Develop new offering in the Library's Indigenous-Settler Collections Learning Series.
✓ Three of a four-part online Learning Series was offered in 2022-23.

✓ The fourth event in the Learning Series, Decolonizing Indigenous archives and special collections, will be taking place September 6, 2023.
Increase mental health funding, resources, and programming.
Development of a program to offer work-integrated learning opportunities to Masters of Pastoral Studies students at Emmanuel College.
✓ Established framework for the program for MPS students to provide mental health supports for Victoria College international students through weekly counselling.
✓ Launch in Fall 2023.
Provide additional training to student-facing staff in strengths-based advising and programming.
✓ Training and Conference took place in May 2023.
Introduce new employee wellness programs led by Vic Connect, Vic U's employee wellness committee.
✓ Began sourcing a vendor to deliver training for mental health first aid in the workplace and resilience in the workplace.
✓ Held Mindfulness and Meditation sessions.
✓ Launched monthly Vic Connect events to encourage relationship building.
‎‎• Contributed to campus-wide employee recognition and appreciation events
Strengthen community partnerships.
Reinforce graduate study opportunities between Emmanuel College and the Faculty of Music.
✓ Development of MOU between Emmanuel and UofT’s Faculty of Music initiated.
Nurture relationship with the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations (MCFN).
✓ Vic U staff, faculty, and student attended 2023 Historical Gathering of the Mississaugas of the Credit.

✓ Collaborating with community members on Indigenous-Settler collections workshop.
Increase joint faculty hires between Victoria College and the Faculty of Arts & Science.
✓ Three joint faculty hires made in 2022-23.
Identify private industry partnerships to support institutional and presidential priorities.
✓ Initiated relationship with McKinsey to collaborate on institutional and student initiatives.

✓ Continued to engage with potential real estate partners to explore possibilities for future re-development of Victoria University’s lands.
Expand the Victoria University Alumni Mentorship Program and deepen engagement.
✓ End of year social for mentor and mentees reinforced the enduring relationship with alumni and celebrated the success of the program.

✓ Process has begun to expand from 27 alumni pairs to 40.

✓ In process of launching a pilot program to Emmanuel College alumni in fall 2023.
Foster a strong and healthy relationship with labour unions and associations.
✓ Successfully negotiated USW renewal of Collective Agreement in Spring 2022.

✓ Successfully negotiated UTFA Vic Chapter benefit improvements in Fall 2022.

✓ Successfully negotiated CUPE renewal Agreement in Spring 2023.


How will Victoria University further develop an inspiring sense of place?
Propel capital planning
Completion of the 10-year capital plan which includes future renovations to the Birge Carnegie Library and Goldring Student Centre to meet future space demands and to facilitate the construction of the new Integrated Learning Centre on the site of the current Northrop Frye Building.
✓ Birge Carnegie: Preliminary concept layout phase complete; elevator feasibility studies complete; planning underway for a project architect.

✓ Goldring Student Centre: Space program and best fit analysis to accommodate Office of the Dean of Students & Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising completed. Design phase began.

✓ Integrated Learning Centre: Project plan launched including development of templates for Class D estimates, architect selection, and design development
Develop environmental sustainability plans.
Collect  data to inform a Climate Action Plan
✓ Finalized geothermal feasibility and renewable energy studies.

✓ Collaborated with U of T COO of Property & Sustainability towards an aligned Vic U Climate Action Plan.

✓ Began discussions to adopt Blue Communities framework.
Enhance IT framework in support of teaching and learning.
Improve communication technology infrastructure.
✓ Expanded wireless coverage throughout the campus prioritizing the academic and administrative buildings.

✓ Upgraded campus fiberoptic cable infrastructure, in partnership with the University of Toronto.

✓ Reconfigured wi-fi router locations and optimized coverage.

✓ Migrated VoIP to Teams Phone.
Reimagine the role of art at Victoria University.
Form an art committee to consider the role of art on campus.
✓ Development of Terms of Reference.
Create a “story wall” in E.J. Pratt Library to highlight the library’s special collections.
✓ Established project plan with expected launch in May 2024.
Increase art on campus using holdings that are currently in temporary storage.
✓ Installed alumna, Catherine Schmid’s Out of Darkness painting and maquette in Pratt Library’s Information Commons and a portrait of Ruth (Manning) Alexander Vic 5T0, the first female Chair of the Victoria University Board of Regents was installed in the Victoria University Common Room.

✓ Installed a new art display in the Burwash private dining room that includes modern and contemporary artworks with water as the theme. 

✓ Installed artwork previously in storage in the President’s Office, Bursar’s Office and other offices on campus.
Collaborate with Victoria College academic programs in Material Culture & Semiotics, and Creativity and Society.
✓ Launched a Material Culture internship for a student in the Material Culture & Semiotics program supervised by Victoria University’s curator.
Collaborate with VIC GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums), a Victoria College student club, to support student-driven art projects at Vic U.
✓ Launched a virtual gallery tour of selected collections through close collaboration with an instructional librarian and an archivist.


How will Victoria University build on our outstanding academic offerings?
Expand academic opportunities for students.
Expand Creativity & Society program from a minor program to a major program.
✓ Received proposal approval from Victoria College Council.

✓ Engaged with Faculty of Arts and Science and incorporated feedback.

✓ Negotiated cooperation agreements with Faculty of Arts and Science units.

✓ Submitted proposal to UofT governance for final approval.      
Increase Internship and Study Abroad opportunities.
✓ Successfully applied for federally-funded Global Skills Opportunity grant to expand international work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities, with a focus on traditionally underrepresented groups;

✓ Established “Vic Global” program that coordinates and supports international WIL.

✓ Created and distributed new Vic Global branding including a new logo.
Refine academic HR policies, practices, and supports.
Review, create, and implement academic HR policies.
✓ Developed Vic U Faculty Life Cycle (i.e., phases faculty members may encounter their academic career) including tools to support events within the cycle;

✓ Developed offer templates and academic employment categories in Dayforce.

✓ A needs assessment has begun to review roles within the HR department to develop academic HR expertise.
Support academic research and faculty complement.
Encourage more interdisciplinary research opportunities at Emmanuel College.
✓ Submitted and received two Wabash grants that will support interdisciplinary training for trauma-informed approaches in teaching to Emmanuel’s faculty and staff.

✓ Held an interdisciplinary conference on aging and dying.

✓ Two Emmanuel faculty presented their interdisciplinary research on human care at a school in Korea.

✓ Received funding from Seeds of Hope to plan an Indigenous Garden and formed Indigenous Garden Advisory Group.

✓ Expanded faculty to include Spiritual Care and Practical Theology Professor and Buddhist Spiritual Care and Counselling Professor at Emmanuel College.

✓ Began search for UCC studies faculty appointment


How will Victoria University nurture signature learning experiences?
Develop new signature learning experiences.
Collaborate with the University of Toronto on an implementation plan for Black and Racialized Student Summer Seminar.
✓ Participated in discussions with UofT’s Vice-Provost International Student Experience to develop student summer seminar model for underrepresented students.
Build Scholars-in-Residence in-person and online/international delivery programs.
✓ Added administrative support for the program.

✓ Launched phase 2 of online/international pilot session.
Sustain signature learning experiences.
Identify leading edge infrastructure to enhance learning experience .
✓ Assisted in the upgrade of the technology in Emanuel Chapel.

✓ Upgraded all wireless access points to Wi-Fi 6.

✓ Developed applications for Office of the Registrar, Victoria College Principal’s Office, Emmanuel College Principal’s Office, Office of the Dean of Students, as well as the Online telephone directory.

✓ Incorporated local backup of critical SharePoint site to complement the retention policy of Microsoft.

✓ Migrated managed desktop from UTORcsi to Intune as well as upgrade all Windows 7 to Win 10/11. (Ongoing)

✓ Provide IT support to staff at Toronto School of Theology.

✓ Signed agreement to use the Network as a Service program from St George Campus.  
Negotiate sustainable funding for tri-campus program for Scholars-in-Residence.
✓ Signed a new multi-year funding agreement with UofT’s Vice-Provost - Strategic Enrolment Management.
Expand and refine signature learning experiences.
Support BIPOC Emmanuel faculty in reviewing their pedagogical approaches from a racialized lens.
✓ Launched a peer mentoring program between six BIPOC faculty members.
Increase support towards innovative pedagogy on teaching for ministry.
✓ Obtained funding from Wabash to develop Emmanuel faculty training for trauma-informed pedagogy.
Offer alumni outstanding content, and online and in-person engagement opportunities.
✓ Surpassed newly engaged alumni goal by 140%.

✓ Held well-attended events including reunion events in Toronto, New York and Burlington, an LGBTQ2+ event, lectures and workshops, and professional networking opportunities for new alumni.
Create Professional Development pathways for staff.
Implement more leader training and tools for managers.
✓ Completed Emerging Leader Training for middle managers, and additional training for senior leadership.

✓ Developed online resources and tools for managers.

Operational Readiness

How is Victoria University evolving to support current and future organizational needs?
Grow our philanthropic portfolio to support key fundraising priorities identified in the strategic framework.
✓ Launched the fundraising campaign Defy Gravity: The Campaign for Victoria University, supported by a newly formed Campaign Cabinet.

✓ Delivered a gift planning seminar.
Begin to formalize crisis, risk and emergency plans and procedures.
✓  Completed risk assessment by external consultant and UofT.

✓  Established Issues Management committee.

✓  Campus safety and emergency management review is being undertaken by CAO.
Implement financial programs, policies, and resources to support changes in the sector.
✓  Implemented electronic payment process.
Explore transition to University Pension Plan (UPP).
✓  Established Steering Committee and Advisory Group.

✓  Held staff and faculty information sessions
Review and update institutional Health and Safety policies and processes.
✓  Completed Health and Safety Audit.

✓  Launched Discrimination Guideline and updates Human Resources Guideline on Civil Conduct and Workplace Harassment Policy

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